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the life of exo fangirls.


When the teacher asks for a volunteer:


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If EXO were on Hello Baby

Kris: This irresponsible appa pokes the baby's cheeks until they deflate. Glares at people when they tell him to stop. He's also the one who teaches the baby ghetto Engrish.
Xiumin: The appa who protects the baby from Kris's poking and plays with the baby using baozi faces.
Luhan: Teaches the baby how to play soccer and solve a rubix cube. He gets carried away and solves it himself, but by the time he's done, the baby has disappeared.
Sehun: More like a brother to the baby than an appa. Teaches the baby aegyo and whines when the baby plays with his stuff.
Suho: The haraboji who chases the baby around the house but has to give up because his back starts to hurt.
D.O: The only responsible appa who cooks for the baby, washes the baby, and changes it's diaper.
Lay: Was assigned to buy the food and new diapers, but ended up forgetting. Makes up for it by singing the baby a lullaby at bedtime.
Tao: Tries to teach the baby wushu, but gives up because it was too hard. Takes the baby for a stroll on the beach instead.
Chen: Trolls the baby until it cries. Apologizes, but trolls it again once it stops crying.
Baekhyun: Makes when baby smile when he smiles. This appa is the most playful with the baby but knows nothing of discipline.
Chanyeol: The one that always loses challenges and gets bullied by the baby. Probably because he scares the baby with his creeper face.
Kai: The appa who is cold towards the baby at first, but the two end up being the closest in the end.





flipping over like a fish

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when attempting to touch chen’s precious lamb-towel-bun-thing

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on stage i was smiling but my heart was ㅠㅡㅠ


on stage i was smiling but my heart was ㅠㅡㅠ

typical myungsoo having his mental breakdown щ(゜ロ゜щ)

typical myungsoo having his mental breakdown щ(゜ロ゜щ)

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